Why Geckoman Carbon Fiber Orthotics Insoles Can help Relief Foot Pain?

Why Geckoman Carbon Fiber Orthotics Insoles Can help Relief Foot Pain? - GECKOMAN

How your foot interacts with the ground affects the entire body: from the ankle to the knees, hips, lower back, and neck. As the first point of contact with each step we take, the shape and material of our Orthotics Insoles help dictate how we move.

Finding A Solution To Pain & Discomfort Isn't Easy

The weight of our body rests on our feet. The position of the talus bone, AKA ankle, is vital to the steps we take each day. Proper alignment of the ankle increases the comfort of your steps, allowing you to thrive daily in the activities you love. Most insoles rely only on cushioning and arch support. Geckoman Orthotics insoles take it a step further by helping align the body for a stronger, more flexible, comfortable, and confident step.

We have a passion for helping others find relief. This passion and commitment to excellence are the cornerstones of Geckoman and are passed on to each of our customers with every insole. With Geckoman you can live every moment to the fullest.

Geckoman Carbon Fiber Orthotics Insoles for Casual or Running Shoes

Geckoman carbon fiber orthotic insoles and arch support inserts are biomechanically engineered with unique features that improve mobility, enhance comfort and help relieve foot pain. The anatomical arch support of Geckoman shoe inserts controls overpronation, improves foot and leg alignment, and helps ease the pain for flat feet.

Our innovative insoles and shoe inserts are made with a deep heel seat, padded with cushioning foam that works wonders to alleviate plantar fasciitis pain. Soft, cushioning foam that covers these carbon fiber orthotic inserts forms to the contours of the foot, enhancing comfort and alleviating pressure points.

Geckoman arch support insoles are uniquely made on a separate mold for each shoe size for a precise fit and ultimate comfort. Carbon fiber orthopedic insoles & inserts with arch support are available in a variety of styles and thicknesses, including insoles for boots, heel inserts, gel insoles, and arch support for flats.

Designed with Triple Zone Protection to support each stage of your running stride. Helps relieve and prevent the pain from 3 common running injuries: Runner's knee, Shin Splints, and Plantar Fasciitis. Reduces shock and helps reduce wear & tear on your feet and legs.

Experience Triple Zone Protection

1. Ball of Foot

Improves cushioning and distributes pressure through push-off

2. Reinforced Arch Support

Mid-sole reinforcement improves the transition of weight from landing to push-off to match the unique needs of your running stride

3. Deep Heel Cup

Absorbs impact with every step

Love Your Feet With Geckoman Carbon Fiber Insole


Imagine an insole with the power to make your body feel years younger. It's not a dream: The future of footwear is here. Our patented GECKOMAN makes feet healthier with a special flexing action that hugs the fat pad of your heels. Unlike anything else, these hugs cup your heel to cushion impact and reduce pain, letting you skip the hassle of orthotics.


Imagine living unstoppable days, knowing GECKOMAN supports you in all the right ways. In a few short weeks, our unparalleled GECKO Orthotics Insoles will custom mold to your unique foot shape using space-age foams that harness your body heat—promising whole-body alignment with the perfect amount of heel, arch, and ankle support.


Imagine a bouncy, energizing ride with every stride. Using the same premium polymers found in high-end running shoes, our GECKOMAN midsole delivers endless cushioning that further enhances the cupping motion of GECKOSOLE—setting the standard for the smoothest stride and happier life.

To Find The Best Orthotics Insoles Like A Pro


Start with your footwear. What type of shoes are you wearing and how much wiggle room do you have in there? An insole won't help if it doesn't fit the footwear. You don't want to cram a thick insole into a tight-fitting boot, and it's unlikely you'll have a positive experience if you put a high heel insole inside a running shoe. We categorize all of our insoles by thickness, with the designation of either thin, mid, or max, to help you find the best fit for your footwear.


Sure, you could run a marathon in a pair of western boots, but in most cases, there's a style of footwear designed specifically for what you want to do. And there's a Geckoman shoes insoles specifically engineered for your activity too. We craft our insoles to adapt the functional shortcomings of most types and styles of footwear for a wide variety of activities, so you can get the most out of every step, whether you're training for 26.2, commuting to work, hitting the slopes, backpacking through Europe or living everyday life.


It's the whole reason we're here. Geckoman insoles personalize your shoe to better fit your foot. The contours of the Geckoman shape are engineered from data collected over the last 40+ years from millions of feet to give you the very best experience underfoot. Your comfort is key — stepping on a Geckoman should take you from ugh to ahh in your footwear. If it doesn't, let us know. We stand behind our products and are committed to helping you find the right Orthotics Insoles for your footwear, your foot, and your activity.

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