How to Wash Slippers with Canvas, Cowhide and Leather

How to Wash Slippers with Canvas, Cowhide and Leather - GECKOMAN

A good pair of slippers is one of the greatest comforts in life. They make you relax and provide you with comfort after a busy day at get off work. There is not doubt that it is easy to hook up with your favorite home shoes.
Like all footwear, household slippers sometimes need to be replaced. However, if they are a bit dirty or discolored, but otherwise are in good condition, you may only need to clean them.
If you want (or need) to know how to wash slippers, Geckoman is here to help. But first, let us clarify a few things. When we talk about washing slippers, we are not referring to  a machine wash, but a hand wash. Although there are some exceptions, machine wash is not recommended in most cases because it shrinks the material and may damage the drum of the washing machine.

How to Clean Slippers without Running Them

The premise of cleaning slippers is to extend their life and makes them look new. For these reasons, you need to be very careful about what you use and how you do it. Although it depends on the material, if they are slippers you can wear outside, you may have many necessary tools and products in your house.

To clean your slipper, you may need:

  • A large bowl or plastic tub (a sink can also work)
  • warm water(white vinegar is best)
  • pure white toothpaste (best to use a soft brush)
  • detergent
  • toilet paper
  • Sponge / rag
  • Shoe support / newspaper
  • Maintenance spray

Detergent can be used to clean canvas and cowhide slippers, and soft brush are specifically for cowhide. The cleaning and care kits for shoes on the market can effectively obtain excellent cleaning results while greatly reducing the chance of damaging shoes. If you need to clean Women's Canvas Slippers with Arch Support Comfortable Shoes, you had better use this way to make effect.

How to Hand Wash Slippers with Canvas

If you want to learn how to clean house slippers with canvas, you will be glad to hear that it is not difficult.

Here's how to hand-wash canvas slippers:

  • Soak the slipper with warm water, it doesn't take a long time. Put a little vinegar in it if possible (white vinegar is best).
  • Brush the slipper  with pure white toothpaste, and then rinse them with clean water. It is best to use a soft brush.
  • Be sure to rinse, especially when washing slippers with detergent, it is best way to soak them in clean water for a period of time after brushing.
  • Wrap the slipper with toilet paper and put it in a cool and ventilated place to dry.
  • Remarks:
  1. If  the slippers are not worn for a long time, after washing them, they can be packed in storage bags to reduce oxidation.
  2. Don't wear it on rainy days, it is easy to open the glue, if it is not very dirty, try to wash as little as possible.

How to Wash Cowhide Slippers

Slipping into a pair of cowhide slippers on a cool day is a true delight. That said, cleaning a house shoe with cowhide can be tricky—but not impossible.

Here's how to clean slippers with cowhide:

  • Take out the insole first, and pour out the sand and other debris from the shoes.
  • Use a sponge to gently sweep away the dust on the upper, or wipe it off with a soft clean towel.
  • After wiping, use a soft brush to gently brush out in the direction of the hair. When brushing, pay attention to brushing to one side, and avoid repeatedly brushing back and forth, which will damage the cowhide.
  • After removing all the stains, spray the maintenance spray to restore the brilliance of the shoes and effectively prevent stains and waterproof.
  • Finally, put the paper ball that came with the purchase into the shoe, put it in a cool and ventilated place for 15 minutes, and wait until the spray is completely dry.

How to Clean Slippers with Leather

The main performance characteristics of natural leather are breathable, natural texture, smooth hand feeling, and all natural leather products also have extensibility and water absorption, but they are afraid of exposure and soaking. Therefore, this article is divided into two levels of cleaning and described separately:

Here's how to clean slippers with leather:

1.Deep cleaning

  • Use a small soft brush or cotton cloth to stick some cleaning supplies on the leather shoes, and then quickly wash the dirty parts of the upper (including the inside of the shoes). Be careful not to brush for a long time, just brush quickly.
  • Immediately rinse with water inside and out, prepare a dry towel or soft cloth and stuff it into the shoes, stuff it up to the head (the purpose is to fully absorb the moisture), use a dry cloth to suck up the shoes outside, and then place it in a cool and ventilated place , Do not expose it to the sun, otherwise it will be deformed! To dry the shoes in a cool and ventilated place, you can also use the small stall of a hair dryer to blow dry the shoes.
  • When it is almost dry, put on the shoes while the shoes are not completely dry and adjust the shape of the shoes. You can also insert newspapers to support the shape of the shoes, and then apply the usual hand cream or shoe polish on the upper, and continue to dry , And then put on shoe polish after it is dry, you can wear it normally.

2.Light cleaning

  • Soak the cloth and stuff it into the shoe, and wipe it in a circular motion. Can remove certain stains.
  • The insoles treated with disinfectant or semi-dry disinfected wet wipes are stuffed into the shoes, and then packed in a pocket, and dried with a fan or placed in a cool and ventilated place until there is no peculiar smell. (Can remove odor)
  • Wipe the external dust, put on shoe polish, or skin protector.

How to Extend The Life of Shoes

Shoes also have tips for prolonging life. Good maintenance can greatly extend the life of the shoes and make you wear a pair of shoes for a longer time.

  • Skill 1
    No matter what kind of shoes, propping up the shoes with shoe supports is a good way to prevent the deformation of the shoes and maintain the comfort of the shoes. It is very suitable for sports shoes, leather shoes, and even canvas shoes. If you don’t have shoe supports at home, you can use old newspapers instead.
  • Skill 2
    Use a closed shoe cabinet or shoe box. Put the shoes in such a shoe box, and make sure that the shoes are not exposed to direct sunlight on weekdays, which can prevent the shoes from hardening and yellowing.
  • Skill 3
    Wash dirty shoes in time. No matter what the shoes are, they must be cleaned up in time after they are soiled. Don't wait until they are very dirty before handling them. Because many stains are easy to clean up when they get dirty, but if they are there for a long time, they will corrode the shoes, and the stains are basically difficult to clean.

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