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GECKOMAN - since 1992

In 1992,Cheryl,a surgeon from California,US,and her children,who were suffering from plantar fasciitis,found that they get foot pain after standing for even a short time,However, they couldn’t find any shoes or accessories on the market to relieve foot pain.For these reasons, his children cannot play outdoors like other children, and they need to spend a long time indoors. Every time he sees the children's longing eyes, his heart is full of self-blame but can't do anything. The children asked him: "Are we free to go out to play when we grow up?" He knew that as a mother, we can no longer disappoint the children,thus starting his entrepreneurial road.

In March of the same year,he came to Fujian and Zhejiang province in China for travel, where private enterprises were everywhere.He was deeply shocked by the high efficiency and scale of them.Therefore,he visited some local entrepreneurs to cooperate on "shoes that can relieve foot pain".But at that time,almost no one trust cross-border cooperation, especially with such a "foreigner" who had no experience in shoes selling.

After two months’ waiting,Cheryl finally received reply from WINGGOOD.CO,one of the largest shoes industry groups in China at that time,that it was willing to cooperate with Cheryl.After half a year's market research,design and optimization,the final design of WALKHERO arch support insoles,now monthly sales volume in Amazon has reached *, accounting for half of the corrective insoles market.

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GECKOMAN - products are king, expanding global market

In 1995,when Amazon was just established in US,the market did not trust such shopping platforms enough,therefore the sales were dismal.It has to be said that Jay C,the manager of WINGGOOD.CO,has a keen eye.He said that cross-border cooperation is the trend,everything will go smoothly provided we grasp the principle of "quality is the key of brand".This remark has set Cheryl’s mind at ease,thus Cheryl and designers frequently went to material market to optimize the shoes’ design to create casual shoes both comfy & stylish.

In 2000,under the constant exploration of each other,the sales of corrective shoes increased by 300% year on year.It was also this year that,in order to make consumers suffering from foot pain in the world enjoy the gospel of corrective shoes,they established R&D centers and warehouses in China,US and Canada.So far,the global storage area has exceeded 400000 square meters,and the products could be delivered within a week.

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GECKOMAN - supports public welfare and shows international responsibility

According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), 15.9 million children under 18 in the United States live in households where they are unable to consistently access enough nutritious food necessary for a healthy life. So we are hoping to change this. Since brand inception we’ve worked with the Second Harvest Food Bank and their kids cafe program to donate one day’s worth of meals to a child in need, for every pair of shoes that we sell.

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