How to Measure Your Shoe Size for A Perfect Fit

How to Measure Your Shoe Size for A Perfect Fit - GECKOMAN

When it comes to foot comfort, it is important to wear the right shoe size. It is recommended that you always buy the right size. It sounds simple, but in fact many people wear the wrong size without knowing it. And they do not know how to measure it correctly. There are even reports that more than half of adults wear inappropriate length or width.

Misfits can cause severe foot pain and discomfort, not to mention some mild to severe foot diseases, even if you have comfortable shoes. One of the simplest tips on how to make shoes more comfortable is to determine the right shoe size. Whether you are wearing shoes that are too long, too short, too narrow, too wide, too loose or too tight, it's time to get the right shoe size once and for all. Read on to learn exactly how to measure the size of your feet.

The process of determining the length and width of the foot is very simple. All you need is a pen, a piece of paper and a ruler or tape measure.

Basic principles of measuring shoe size

The most important fitting element is to ensure that your foot arch is aligned with the arch in the shoe. In this way, the soles of your feet can get the most support from the shoes. This means, though, your size will be different. (Not all shoe brands use the same size system.) Half the size here or there can set aside this balance and cause considerable discomfort.If you get stuck when choosing shoes, traditional wisdom tends to be big. This is especially true when trying on shoes at the end of the day, when your feet are at their largest. It is also easier to wear larger shoes. Tuck the sneaker lining or tongue pad into the dress shoes, the effect is very good. Some principles of measuring are used to measure shoe size:

Which shoe size is fit for your feet

The size of the shoe is more than just the length. For example, how wide your feet are is also an important factor in ensuring fit.

In the United States, the "average" foot width is "D". The width of the'narrow' foot is from "A" to "C", and the width of the "wide" foot is from "E" to "EEE". In the UK, the standard width is "F", "E" is narrow, and "G" is wide. So, if the shoe manufacturer offers shoes with extra width, you may also want to consider getting measurements.

Nowadays, most companies, especially emerging brands that directly reach consumers-offer D and E width shoes. If you are a relatively narrow width size, however, consider 9.5 instead of 10. On the contrary, if you are a wider width, you can consider taking 10.5.

why dress is also important for measurement

When paired with boat socks or shoes without socks

In summer, if a pair of shoes slip off every step you take, especially when paired with boat socks or shoes without socks, it is both annoying and uncomfortable. In this case, in order to ensure comfort and reduce slippage, a half-yard drop is the most ideal choice.

If it is running shoes, you can consider increasing the size by half to take into account that your feet will swell due to impact on the road. In leather shoes, the size reduced by half will allow you to stretch the shoe and mold to the shape of your foot each time you wear it. You can also use shoe lasts.

However, all the stretching and wearing will not make it more comfortable, it is just the beginning of being completely crowded. If your toes stick together in your shoes, consider wearing a half size. All of these conditions should be considered and the most important premise is to measure length of your shoe and confirm your size.

How different shoe size between various brands affect measurement

The last thing to consider is that many brands follow different sizing methods. A pair of Adidas running shoes of size 9.5 fits differently from the Allen Edmonds Park Avenue Oxford shoes of the same size. Different manufacturers use different shoe lasts-the shape around the shoe is shaped. Longer lasts will have longer toe boxes-this may require a smaller size. They may also use different size systems, depending on where they are manufactured.  So, it is important to consider the various sizes of various brands. You can choose which is more suitable according to your personal preference.

How to measure the length of your own feet 

The best way to avoid or even wonder about the difference between 9.5 and 10 shoe sizes is to simply measure your feet. Here's  the way to teach you how to measure it correctly :

1.  Paste a piece of white paper on the flat ground.

Standing on foot: Stand with your feet in the middle of the foot measuring paper to keep your body balanced.

2. Use a pencil to trace the outline of your feet.

You can do it barefoot or wear socks, but we recommend that you wear socks, because you always wear socks and shoes.

  • Measure the foot print 1: Keep the pen perpendicular to the paper and draw a circle along the bottom of the foot, paying attention to the roundness of the line on the heel
  • Measure the foot print 2: Keep the pen and paper at 45 degrees and draw a circle along the bottom of the foot. Pay attention to the position where the bottom of the foot and the paper are in contact.

3.Use a ruler to measure the length of your feet

This should be where the straight lines intersect your foot shape, usually from the heel to the big toe. Make the same measurement for the width and record the widest measurement, usually through the ball of the foot.

  •    Measure the foot-determine the position of the toe joint (the position of the first toe joint): the most prominent position behind the big toe, find the back mark
  •    Measure the foot-determine the position of the instep dimension: medial point: mark the highest point of the arch
  •    Measure the foot-determine the position of the instep dimension: the lateral position: mark the protruding position from the heel forward and from the inside to the outside.

4. Confirm foot measurement for fit

  • Foot measurement-four points to confirm: two points on the outside + two points on the inside
  • Toe measurement-toe dimension: put a measuring tape at two points of toe dimension + measure toe dimension data and record
  • Foot measurement-determine the length of the foot: measure the straight line distance between the front and back, each foot needs: toe dimension, instep dimension, heel dimension, foot length, instep height

It is important to note that different size tables may have slightly different measurements. You will also notice that the European size forces you to make a decision because there is no half size. Trying on two sizes in the same pair of shoes (if you shop online, return the unfitting pair) is our recommendation to find the size that suits you. For women's US sizes, size 6 for men will be size 7 for women.

Since your feet will swell with age, pregnancy or certain medical conditions, we recommend that you measure it at least every few years. This saves the cost of buying unfit shoes and ensures that your feet are as comfortable as possible.

What kind of shoes you should be wearing

Now that you have your foot measurements, you can figure out what size shoe you should be wearing. A related research institute conducted a study of 2,000 adults, of which one-third of men and nearly half of women admitted that they had bought shoes that did not fit their feet. Improper shoes can cause a series of foot health problems. In addition to valgus and deformity of the thumb, continuous wearing shoes that do not fit the feet can cause back of foot pain and headaches.

Uncomfortable wearing shoes for a long time can cause foot troubles. When deciding which pair of shoes to buy, if you are in a critical juncture, consider how you will wear these shoes often, under what circumstances, and how you will wear them. Last but not least, you need to consider your condition of  feet, whether it is extremely wide, narrow, or shallow. Try not to ignore the size of the shoes. If you are not sure about the size of your feet, it is recommended that you choose to measure your feet.And  If you would like to bought goods online, it is also recommended to buy it at  Geckoman store, and contact us we will provide you with a size recommendation.

Orthotic footwear for women and men

Geckoman is committed to designing the most comfortable and supportive shoes for women and men. After choosing the correct shoe size, you can choose the perfect shoe. Each style is available in full size and half size, and many of our women's shoes are available in wide sizes.

Each pair of shoes has unparalleled orthopedic arch support and cushioning, all of which are built into the sole.

If you need help determining the correct shoe size, we are here to help you. Please contact us if you have any questions, or order a pair of Geckoman shoes now!

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