A Woman’s Guide to Promoting Foot Health.

A Woman’s Guide to Promoting Foot Health. - GECKOMAN


With a day to day life, so going to go, it’s easy to neglect our essential health needs to be more productive. Unfortunately, letting your health go unchecked can lead to even more significant problems down the road! Taking care of your feet is no exception to this rule. Your feet are the base of you, but also of what you do all day. Whether you work a standing job, or you walk a lot throughout the day, you must make sure they are in good shape! Luckily, we have a few professional tips to help you lead a healthy working woman’s life.

What Kind of Foot Conditions are There?

Like we said before, neglecting your health can lead to bigger problems for you in the future. As your feet are the furthest body part from the heart, it’s easy to develop circulation issues in that area. Those diagnosed with diabetes are at a higher risk because of their inherent reduced blood flow, says EverydayHealth.com. Pay attention to conditions that affect the skin on the feet as well. Athlete’s foot is an example of a common, harmless condition. However, things like bunions (lumps on the big toes) can cause serious problems for standing and walking every day. So how can we best combat these kinds of conditions?

  • Wear the Appropriate Shoes

Leaving the high heels at home for your 8-hour service job is a no brainer. But many of us still aren’t wearing the right shoes for our standing jobs. This can lead to problems like tendinitis, heel spurs, and plantar fasciitis.mIf you want to make sure you aren’t in pain at the end of the day, carefully research footwear options. One particular shoe review site called ‘Footwear 4 Workers’, which you can visit at https://standingshoes.net/, offers a wide selection of shoes and boots that are ideal for various sorts of working conditions. But there are plenty of options out there. Combine your footwear with proper insoles, and your feet will be able to withstand the busiest workday. It’s important to fit your work shoes a bit bigger than your normal shoe size. Feet can swell throughout the day if you are constantly standing or walking, so choose a size that can accommodate this.

  • Get a Foot Massage

Not only does a foot massage feel good, but it also has heaps of health benefits, too. WebMD states that they boost endorphins in the brain. They can also increase your circulation, helping to keep muscles and tissues healthy. If you can’t afford a professional massage, you can administer one yourself (or have a partner do it for you!) Use any lotion or oil of your choice, and press your thumb into the bottom of your foot, at its heel. You may also use your knuckles for kneading the bottom of the foot as well. Work your way up to just below your toes for the best effect. Be sure to end your massage by rotating each of your toes with gentle pressure. If at any point you feel pain while receiving a massage, stop immediately! If you have any concerns, talk to your doctor or podiatrist.

  • Always Wash and Dry Your Feet Properly

You should make sure you properly wash your feet, as you do with any other part of the body. Many companies manufacture scrubs specifically for feet. If you don’t have one of these, soap and water will do just fine. Take care to wash and dry between each toe. Drying them ensures no type of fungus or bacteria will grow between them. Other ways to prevent fungus growth include wearing clean, dry socks and avoiding rental or shared footwear.

  • Avoid High Heels!

One of the biggest tips for women is to stop wearing high heels so often! Saving them for special occasions saves your feet from constant aching. If you do need to wear shoes with heels daily, make sure to vary the heel height. This can prevent lasting damage to a specific part of the foot.

In Conclusion

Our tips are here to show you that it’s easy to focus on your foot health. Even if you feel like you have no time for yourself, there’s always time for a little self-care. You won’t regret the time you take totend to them. You’ll enjoy benefits like increased circulation and endorphins in your nervous system! If any pain in your feet prevents you from doing daily activities or exercising at proper levels, talk to your doctor. Decreased physical activity can lead to weight gain, heart problems, and weaker muscles. Take the first “step” toward bettering your physical health today.

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