Footwear Finder

We engineer each pair based on specific molds for the best fit and feel possible for your individual anatomy.

We design our different shoes based on arch support, so no matter where you're headed, we've got a matching shoe and corresponding outsole purpose-built to take you there.

Even the weight of hydration can make a noticeable difference, putting more pressure on your feet and making you work harder. With the added support of our Gecko Insole™, we’re able to build the best footwear possible, saving you precious energy with every step.

Height is a matter of preference.

Our footwear is designed from the ground up to support your feet, which in turn supports your body as you move. So, while our low-tops usually do the trick, we’ve got mids and highs for efforts that require a little added support.

Let us show you what we’re made of.

Whether water-resistant Nubuck leather, or lightweight breathable synthetic, we don’t skimp on materials. Geckoman footwear is built to be punished, and built to last.

Fit, feel and performance.

A comfortable fit can make or break a good day on the walk. By offering varying widths for each footwear model we make, Geckoman offer a snug but comfortable fit, because nobody likes blisters.