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Product Features

  • Built-in Orthotics: The perfect blend of support and cushioning in one orthotic design. Our arch support orthotics will address your foot needs to relieve pain from plantar fasciitis, prevent further damage and improve overall foot health.
  • Wide Toe-Box: Extra wide & roomy design offers a relaxed, comfortable fit, The toes are not compressed but have room to spread, leading to better balance.
  • Flat Zero-Drop: This allows the feet to be in a neutral position which supports a healthy posture and puts less stress on the joints.
  • Stretchable Knit Fabric: Easily contour your feet to make them the perfect fit. The synthetic knit material gives it lightweight and breathable features.
  • Slip Resistant Outsole: Slip-resistant traction outsole with water resistance. Perfect for workplaces with slippery floors.

    Why it Works

    • WalkHero® shoes with orthotic Insoles provide dual-action relief by treating the source of your pain. While the contoured-sized heel cup properly positions the heel to absorb shock and reduces pressure to treat pain at the source.
    • Plantar Fasciitis, The targeted supportive arch of the insole prevents the plantar fascia from stretching and reduces the opportunity for continued injury.
    • For arch pain, WalkHero® Technology provides extra arch support where you need it most to help relieve and prevent arch pain.
    • For heel pain, our orthotics provide a combination of cushioning and arch support to protect from the jarring shock of each step.

    The #1 Rated Foot-Pain Solution

    Our orthopedic shoes ideal solution for people who are on their feet 4+ hours a day or have common foot pains.

    Designed by a podiatrist team, and made from durable, unique materials with the most advanced manufacturing methods that give your feet the support they need. By wearing your WalkHero daily, you can relieve your foot pain or even stop it altogether.

    Your satisfaction is our number one priority - that's why we created our 180-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Order now and test your shoes to make sure they are bringing you the pain-free mobility and satisfaction that you've been searching for.

    Walk Better. Feel Better. Live Better.

    WalkHero® arch support sneakers are designed for sensitive feet and who want a more active lifestyle, and maximum comfort for normal day-to-day activity, work, and on your feet all day.

    These impact-absorbing orthotics provide a person-specific design for impact absorption and comfort perfect for walks, fitness, hiking, sports, and more.

    If you need extra comfort or offloads, These orthopedic shoes will address your personal foot needs and are designed to relieve pain, prevent further damage and improve overall foot health.

    Fit Guide


    Upper: Leather & Mesh
    Insoles: Premium orthotic insoles with anatomical arch support
    Outsole: EVA cushioning outsole
    Width: Wide (D+) wide toe box and high instep
    Weight: 288.8 Grams
    Origin: Designed with American ingenuity, manufactured with our Asian Partners