The Most Comfortable Wide Width Shoes

All Geckoman shoes are made with extra depth and a wide toe-box. The extra depth offers a relaxed, non-binding fit and accommodates a custom-made orthotic.

The wide & roomy toe-box provides room for toe movement and enhances comfort for those with bunions, hammertoes Morton’s neuroma & swollen feet.

Geckoman shoes are engineered with unique features and therapeutic detailing to help facilitate mobility and offer the ultimate comfort and protection for sensitive feet.

When it comes to shoes, comfort is king, and Geckoman Feet Store has a complete line of extra-wide orthopedic shoes for men to provide an unparalleled level of comfort and style. If you wear footwear in sizes that are hard to find, there's no longer any need to compromise.


Nobody does wide-width women’s shoes like us. Every piece of Geckoman footwear is rated WW for “Extra Wide Width.” That means that, unlike most other retailers, we have shoes that fit your feet, from size 5 to size 14.

That’s right: We make all our wide-width shoes—everything from sandals to wedges to heels to sneakers to flats to boots and booties—just for you. Yes, they’re stylish and beautiful. They’re also comfortable for your feet all day and all night. So when you see that (WW) extra wide width designation for our shoes and boots, imagine your feet smiling.


Most “wide” shoes and boots simply add width to the footbed. But they don’t account for the volume of a larger foot. All our footwear has an extra-wide base to accommodate your foot. Do you want comfort? Try our double layer of padding, designed to feel cozy as a cloud all day long.

Design details like elastic and movable ankle straps give you the extra stretch and perfect fit you’re looking for. To get that perfect fit, we measure every shoe on a live model. And it’s not just our shoes: Our boots come in both Wide-Calf and Extra Wide Calf options. Which all is to say that our extra wide width shoes are ultra-comfortable and made to complete every outfit you own.

Shop from the comfort of your own home or office to find exactly the right men's extra-wide shoes, wide sneakers, or any other wide footwear you're looking for. Our FREE return policy means you will find the perfect fit here.