The Best Shoes for Back Pain

Back Pain Prevention Purses, Arch Supports for Back Pain Reduction, Back Braces, Back Supports, & Rib Supports Confused about why would concern itself with providing treatment products for back pain? Although the most common type of back pain comes from straining the bands of muscles surrounding the spine, it is not at all uncommon for back pain to be traced back to foot problems such as severe pronation.

When your weight is improperly distributed across the feet your walking gait becomes uneven. This places greater strain on your ankles, knees, and even your lower back which over time may result in painful repetitive stress injuries. Wearing supportive shoes, especially when you exercise, or fitting your shoes with arch support inserts can be highly effective in preventing lower back pain and even relieving some lower back pain in its earliest stages.

Geckoman Premium orthotic insoles with anatomical arch support prevents the foot from rolling inwards, re-align the foot, leg, and back posture. Cushioning soles absorb impacts, softens every step you take, and prevent much of the shock from getting to the lower back. Firm heel counter along with wide soles increase stability and help control overpronation.

Back pain can be felt in both the lower and upper back and its severity can vary greatly. For some people, it is simply an annoyance and for others, it is excruciating and debilitating. Back pain can start suddenly or slowly and worsen gradually. It can come as a dull, constant ache, or as a sharp pain, making any movement painful and difficult. Sometimes the pain can radiate from the back on down the leg to the foot. It usually causes decreased range of motion and diminished flexibility in the back. Back pain is also one of the most common reasons people see a doctor and are absent from work.

What causes it? The most common causes of back pain are strain and structural problems. The strain is usually due to lifting heavy objects or lifting them improperly, sudden, awkward, or jerky movements, sports injuries, or overactivity. Structural problems include anything from injuries to problems with the disks (the areas of tissue that cushion the space between the vertebrae), abnormalities of the skeleton, such as scoliosis, and loss of bone density. An oft-overlooked cause of back pain is foot problems. Foot problems, such as overpronation, when the feet roll too far inward toward the arch of the foot, and hyper supination, where the feet are rolled outward, can lead to hip and back problems.

How is it prevented and treated? Standard prevention measures include following proper technique for lifting heavy objects, or avoiding lifting heavy objects altogether, improving posture, and strengthening core muscles. Other treatment measures include pain-relief medication and wearing specially designed back pain shoes for men with orthopedic insoles that decrease over-pronation and improve body posture. The best men’s shoes for back pain should also have ergonomic soles that provide excellent cushioning, which works to minimize impacts on the lower back. People with back pain should also avoid wearing worn-out shoes, high-heeled shoes, and shoes that are too tight or too wide, as they can aggravate foot pain and cause gait compensation.

For chronic or acute back pain footwear corrections alone will probably not provide adequate back pain relief. The use of back support or back brace is recommended (and of course for persistent or severe back pain the value of a doctor's diagnosis and treatment cannot be overstated). Back supports and back braces allow for more ergonomic heavy lifting on the job, reduce the incidence of muscle spasms, and alleviate many types of back pain.