Arch Support Sneakers for Men and Women

Walking is the most popular form of exercise, and comfortable walking shoes are important, whether you are using them for travel, working out, or just walking every day. More than 145 million adults include walking as a part of their physically active lifestyle, with more than six out of every 10 people walking for transportation, fun, relaxation, while traveling, or for exercise, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Not only can it help you maintain a healthy weight, but the benefits of walking also include improving or preventing heart disease and high blood pressure, strengthening your bones and muscles, and improving your overall mood.

Geckoman Premium Orthotic Insoles with anatomical arch support control overpronation and help ease the stress on the joints of the foot, knees, hips, and lower back. Stretchable uppers with a soft, foam-padded interior offer gentle contact with the foot, eliminating pressure points and enhancing comfort from heel to toe.

Ergonomic soles with a mild rocker design help propel the foot forward and add spring to every step. Wide toe box and extra depth design offer a relaxed fit for bunions and hammertoes and extra room for toe movement.

Proven to help relieve heel pain, arch pain, plantar fasciitis, and pressure points underfoot. Whether you're walking or running our sneakers, with Geckoman Signature Arch Support built-in, will keep your feet comfy & pain-free all day long. Backed by decades of data and foot health experience, our sneakers are guaranteed to help provide dependable relief and optimal alignment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the rules when choosing arch-support sneakers?

Four-point rules as a guideline: Dr. Brenner’s rules

First, the shoe does not bend in half. Second, attempt to fold the shoe like a burrito in both directions. Third, make sure there is “thickness in the arch.” Finally, the shoe ought to have a chunky heel to maximize the support.

Is arch support really necessary?

Regardless of your arch height, your feet need support. Except if your shoes are custom, they likely aren’t doing much to support your feet. That is the reason you ought to add arch support insoles to your footwear. If you are experiencing plantar fasciitis or other foot torments, look at Geckoman Insoles.

Can too much arch support hurt your feet?

Arch support for the most part doesn’t do any harm, however, is typically more agreeable to your feet. Be that as it may, it might begin to hurt and should be avoided now and again. After all, sneakers with improper support are worse than sneakers with no arch support.

Is it better to have high arches or flat feet?

A high arch implies we are managing an unbending and locked foot; it for the most part needs more assembly work. On the other hand, a flat foot means we are managing a more unsteady, unlocked foot; it, as a rule, needs more work on adjustment.

Can you rebuild foot arches?

One of the foot issues individuals create is “fallen arches” or “flat feet,” a decline in the longitudinal arch that assimilates landing powers. You can rebuild the arches using the accompanying and other dynamic segregated, steady opposition works out.