Having a shoe with a well defined arch is essential to comfort and stability as you move. Unfortunately, so many shoes are designed totally flat and lack any defined arch support. These flat shoes we wear on flat, hard surfaces make it difficult to avoid foot pain.

It’s well known that wearing shoes with proper arch support is beneficial to your entire walking gait. From balance to muscle strain to joint and ankle pain, shoes with good arch support are a necessity for everyday foot health.

What about shoes for high arches?

When you have high arches, it is even more crucial to wear a shoe with good support in the arch. The many varieties of flat, poorly cushioned shoes only serve to flatten your feet and cause foot pain. The best arch support is sufficiently rigid to provide good support, but is flexible to keep your foot flexing naturally.

GECKOMAN shoes are the best shoes for high arches. With a custom orthotic footbed, you get a shoe that forms to your own foot, giving you amazing comfort and support in the arch.



As soon as I received the shoe it was as comfortable as claimed and I was able to feel the heel cup and arch support I was so in need of... Within 2 days my feet felt better so today I have ordered another pair."

Rick W.

OMG, what an amazingly comfortable and supportive shoe!! I spent 8 days walking and hiking in them with no foot pain... I love, love, love these shoes and am looking at buying a second pair."


I put the Geckoman’s to the ultimate test. Las Vegas! They were really comfortable for all the walking I did while there. I believe they saved my feet. They really supported my feet and my arches well. ”

Paul L.


The abundance of flat shoes with little to no arch support made the custom orthotics industry thrive. If you needed quality arch support in your shoes, you used to have to purchase costly custom arch support inserts. GECKOMAN has changed this.

We realized that built-in arch support in a shoe is the most effective way to get lasting comfort and support for less. Think of the benefits of wearing shoes for high arches with a custom arch support insole in the footbed.

When you have high arches, only a shoe with powerful arch support will give you the benefits you deserve from a supportive, comfortable shoe. GECKOMAN shoes for high arches are designed with the patented GeckomanSole™ midsole technology built to give you a more anatomically correct fit.

Natural Comfort.

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By contouring to the shape of your foot, GECKOMAN shoes give you perfect arch support as nature intended. What’s more, the amazing HeelCup™ cups and supports your heel better than any other shoe. This gives you a healthier, more centered heel to toe strike for better overall foot health as you move throughout the day.

Revolutionary GECKOMANSOLE™ with HEELCUP™ technology


Beyond being the most comfortable and supportive shoes for high arches, GECKOMAN shoes are incredibly versatile. Perfect for your day at work on your feet, a weekend backpacking trip, and your next extended vacation, GECKOMAN embodies functionality.

No matter the situation, you need shoes with great arch support. The hard, rough, flat surfaces we walk on each day don’t go away depending on the shoes you’re wearing. Regularly wearing comfortable shoes with increased arch support can significantly improve your walking gait and contribute to better overall foot health - not to mention how comfortable you will be.

With this remarkable level of ergonomic support, it’s no wonder customers turn to GECKOMAN for premium shoes for arches.


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